Friday, January 25, 2008

1.25.08 : : Snow Dog

Whenever Tanner sees me put my boots on, the enivitable excitement at the prospect that he might get to go outside sets in. Looking outside at all of the snow drifts in our yard, I could only imagine that the funness would wear off quickly for my small chihuahua. But, I thought I would let him check it out for himself and grabbed my camera.

He loved it so very much that he even stopped to give a model pose.


JK Photography said...

OMG, he is so stinkin' cute I just can't stand it!!!!

maggie said...

One of my favorite doggie pictures EVER!

That face!!!

Anonymous said...

Hilarious!! Tanner is a stud!!

Amanda said...

LOVE the model pose! Too cute! I have been thinking of taking pictures of Elsie in the snow, but I am too much of a wimp, it is COLD out!