Tuesday, December 18, 2007

12.18.07 : : Big Dog, Little Dog

This is what happens when photographers collaborate.

Originally, our hope was to get Hannah to sit up with Tanner sitting under her. A really big dog and a really little dog. Hilarious right? Great imagery! This is what I had pictured in my mind!

The dogs had other ideas, however.

Jen's dog is Hannah, a beautiful Great Dane. And most of you know my dog Tanner.
The dogs loved it! Can't you tell?

They did oblige for a few pictures. Then we decided to give them some love again.
Jen is the dog whisperer


JK Photography said...

Hahahahaha, that was too fun!!!
So funny, becasue that picture you linked to is exactly what I had in mind too!!
Oh well, we can always try again sometime!!
I will get some of my pics up tonight!

Jaime said...

I love these....that link is soo cute...I am sure you guys can pull it off....Would love to see that. And they would be the perfect dogs for that. Looks like you had fun....Beautiful dogs...

Christina said...

Those are too cute. Keep trying for the one you were trying to get. That is a good one too. I'm surprised Tanner appeared so at ease around such a big dog!

Amanda said...

Tanner looks so afraid!!!!

Karrie said...

I have to agree with Amanda. Tanner looks terrified, and then he looks like he is just over the whole thing. Too Cute!

Jenna said...

Of course I LOVE this owning a big dog and a little dog myself! Love you both and your puppies too! Have a Merry Christmas!