Thursday, December 13, 2007

12.13.07 : : More Holiday Cuteness

Madilyn came back into the studio today for her 1 year pictures!
One of my favorite things is seeing how much these cuties grow in a few month's span.

I also had a family shoot this afternoon!

It was a little cold.
So we moved into the studio.

Wait...wasn't this guy in the studio earlier this week?!
And my favorite shot of the day.
Caleb, you are fabulous!


Amanda said...

Madilyn is the cutest! Wait! The second cutest :)

At least he changed his shirt!

Did you see I followed through on my blog?

Anonymous said...

The baby pics are cute!!
That family session was fabulous, Caleb is so big and such a character, but then again look at his role models! ha ha

d~ said...

Caleb is getting so big!!! What a doll =)


Jaime said...

That baby is adorable...And what a fun family shoot.