Sunday, November 11, 2007

Road Tripping

As a forewarning to all of my devoted POTD followers, I am leaving early Monday morning with fellow photographer Jen of JK Photography on a grand adventure down to Virginia. We are attending a photography seminar there and will return late Wednesday evening. I will do my best to continue to post, but if it's a day or so late, forgive me in advance.

Also, if I don't answer an email or a phone call right away, please know I will do my best to return them all upon my return. If you are waiting for pictures and proofs, I am working fast and furiously to get them to you but you may have to wait patiently a few more days.

In the meantime, Leslie of Belle Fleur is running a promotion for you brides (or brides past) who want to do the ever popular 'Trash the Dress' Session and want free flowers for your session. I've decided to jump on board with her for this and am offering a free Trash the Dress session (can be held until next Spring or Summer) for the first person who comments. Best of luck!


Maggie said...

ooh, can I do another one?? J/K!!

CMM & JMM said...

Good thing I just got back into town and checked on your latest beautiful I the lucky winner? :-)

Amy Carroll said...

CMM & JMM - you are the lucky winner! :)

i love being mrs. r said...

man. i wish i would have seen your comment yesterday (we don't have the internet at home). i thought about doing a trash the dress session. i wouldn't be sure how to trash or where to go, but thought it would be a good time.

oh well i guess.
just out of curiousity though, how much do you charge for the session?