Wednesday, November 28, 2007

11.28.07 : : On the Second Day of Christmas...

...I purchased myself a new camera!

I know...I'm on a roll this week. I stopped into my favorite camera store this afternoon looking for a simple memory card. And maybe some wireless transmitters. And I walked out with a new camera body. And I cannot tell you all how very much in love I am with the new Nikon D300.

Here is Jason serenading our friend Dan. For those interested in the technical aspects...this shot was taken in VERY low light and at an ISO setting of 3000 with this camera. Nice!
I also did a senior shoot this afternoon. It was cold. Really cold.

But fun! And this kid was a trooper!

Actually, he really wishes he was home where it's nice and warm.


Amanda said...

Awsome new camera!!!!!!!

JK Photography said...

Hahahaha, you are so funny :)
Love the new camera, is that the NEW guitar that he is playing?
Your senior looks very cold, but the pics turned out really great!

Christina said...

You are kidding! You only MEANT to buy a memory card and came out with the D300?? Congratulations on your purchase. if you think of it, can you post a review of the camera? I was surprised to learn that you can't edit RAW from that camera unless you have full blown photoshop and a plug in. Have fun with it (yes, I am jealous).

Anonymous said...

Everyone likes a new toy for Christmas, yours is just a month early!! YEAH for Amy

ShutterBugFoto said...

WOW ISO 3000. I am lovin that! Congrats on the new toy. Camera stuff is always great.

Kristen said...

Wow, a new studio AND a new camera? Haha, you're one lucky girl! Congrats on both!