Friday, November 23, 2007

11.23.07 : : The Family Love Continues

This afternoon I had quite a few family sessions in and around the studio. With so many families together for the holiday weekend, it was the perfect time!

This first picture is my beautiful goddaughter Allison. I think she would have sat and posed for me all day long if I would have let her. Such a natural smile on this one!

And with her siblings.

Then there was Julie and her family.

Sisterly Love. Julie - It was SO great to finally meet you!

And then there was Aletha and her family.
With the gentle snowfall this afternoon, it made for some beautiful portraits.


aletha jo said...

I've been blog stalking you...LOL! Thanks for posting these, Amy. They look great and I've excited to see the rest of them :) Hope you got to relax at least a LITTLE bit this weekend.

Heather said...

Amy and Aletha - love the pics of your family!

Julie & Captain said...

I've been stalking too - except I sometimes do it through Google reader!

I love love love the picture of Calli by herself- great catch!! The other ones are great too :)

It was wonderful to finally meet you too!!

Uniquely Yours said...

What a cute family Aletha, how nice!