Thursday, November 8, 2007

11.08.07 : : More Baby Goodness

Today I traveled down to Kalamazoo to take pictures of little Alex, who was born just last month. Alex is cute, cuddly and so tiny!

Philly, the family's adorable Pug, tried to steal the show by posing on the bearskin rug.

I also did another session with Cameron! A little cutie who I've been photographing since he was just three month's old.


Lisa said...

I am a sucker for babies!!

maggie said...

Love those feet!

And the pug rocks, partly b/c his name is my dog's nickname!

Amanda said...

At first I thought you wrote their little PIG! It was before I saw the picture of course! Cameron is a cutie!

daisyjean said...

I'm doing birth announcements for little Alex! We will be using a picture from your shoot! Excited to see them ;)