Sunday, November 4, 2007

11.04.07 : : Another Perfect Fall Day

This afternoon was a fun one as I got to shoot my friend Michelle's family! It was a day to get all of the cousin's together for some pictures, and with only one falling into the stream below, it was a pretty successful day.

I also had Sandra & Casey's engagement session this afternoon and enjoyed another beatiful fall afternoon.

How cute is this couple? I loved Sandra's laugh and both their abilities to be so natural behind the camera.


Amanda said...

Oh no! Someone fell into the stream!!!!

Lisa said...

The picture with everyone lined up on the tree is super cute!!
It was a nice fall day but if I remember that stream is freezing cold. BBBRRRRR

JK Photography said...

Oh these are so great Amy! I love the one with everyone on the tree, good creativity!!