Thursday, October 11, 2007

10.11.07 : : Babies, Martinis, Dogs and Wedding Dresses. A Perfect Day.

I started off my afternoon photographing the sweetest little newborn, Caden, today. He's snuggly and cute and after a few trials and errors with wardrobe (he wasn't feeling the naked bum shots and preferred to be in clothes I learned) we nailed some adorable shots.

After that I jetted down to Kalamazoo to meet with Daisy and Greg for their engagement session. The two of them met at this fabulously trendy little bar in the heart of downtown Kalamazoo so asked if we could do their session in and around the area. I love doing engagement sessions that have meaning to my clients so of course I was excited about it. Upon arrival they even treated me to a martini! They definitely knew how to get on my good side. And as if that weren't enough, they also brought their dog Pixal which of course won me right over.

The Union, where their romance began.
And because there were still a few hours in the day I headed from Kalamazoo to Holland to attend the grand opening of the spectacular new bridal store, September's Bride. Brides, if you don't have your dresses yet, you are not going to want to miss going to this boutique. Located right in lovely downtown Holland, it's filled with designers you know and some you'll want to (like the beautiful Lila Couture dresses. Seriously, these dresses make me want to get married again! To my husband though of course).
Aletha from Pearl's Events was on hand and owner Tami was beyond fabulous. It was a fun event and I got to view some truly beautiful dresses. The models did a phenominal job showing off the Lila Couture line.
The lovely Tami
This pink masterpiece is a Lila Couture gown. Is this gorgeous or what?


Tami said...

Amy, you are truly an artist with your camera. Thanks for coming to our Open House; it was a wonderful evening all around!

Anonymous said...

Amy~ Is that the same building that the old Bridal shop in downtown was in??


Amy Carroll said...

Yes, September's Bride is in the old Classic Bridal shop on 8th Street.

JK Photography said...

I love the martini shot! And the puppy!! All of these are beautiful! Nice work Amy!

JK Photography said...

Hahaha, I just saw your comment on my blog :) Thank you!!!!

daisyjean said...


Amanda said...

That makes me wish that I had done a newborn shoot with Addie!