Tuesday, October 9, 2007

10.09.07 : : Quick Jaunt to California

Kidding of course. But doesn't this look like a scene from California or say, Hawaii?

This was actually taken at our very own Lake Michigan this evening as I was out there for a photo shoot today. I pulled into the parking lot to see surfers in wetsuits, and some braver souls without, carrying their boards. I wish I had been able to get out to catch some pictures of them actually surfing the waves but alas, I was there to work.

Sarah and Joe were fabulously fun to work with tonight and I'm excited to be shooting their wedding next summer. Look at their eyes...gorgeous!

Anna and Gabe and I went all over the Hope Campus for their engagement session. It was a beautiful fall night and although I love summer, it was great to have some cooler temperatures to be working in.


JulieAnn & Shad said...

So crazy about the surfers! Shad never believes that people surf Lake Michigan.

Amanda said...

I was thinking the same thing about the eyes!!!!