Sunday, September 30, 2007

9.30.07 : : Merry Thanksgiving!

Today, our family celebrated both Thanksgiving and Christmas. And it was 81 degrees outside!

As some of you that follow my blog may know, is that my little brother Keith is in town after serving in the Air Force in Guam the last year and a half. My mom really missed having her whole family together last year for the holidays and didn't want to miss the opportunity again this year. So we changed the calendar a bit.

We enjoyed a full Thanksgiving dinner, complete with our favorite dishes. We then opened presents, shared some laughs and ate Christmas cookies. Seeing the floor full of presents and wrapping paper really did make it feel like Christmas! And the bonus was not having to go load our car in the snow and cold weather.

My contribution to our festivities was to bring wine (pictured above). I ran into World Market this afternoon looking for a nice merlot and found actual Christmas-themed wine! So of course I had to purchase some.

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Lisa said...

I am so glad the family could enjoy the "holidays" all together!!
Merry Thanksgiving!!