Tuesday, September 11, 2007

9.11.07 : : Mother Nature Strikes Again

Tonight I had an engagement session with Heather and Tom, half of the session being in the downtown area of Holland and the other half at the beach. But once again, Mother Nature had different plans in store.

After our time in the downtown area, we packed up and headed out to Holland beach. But upon arrival, we found that the wind was completely crazy and the sand was blowing so hard that it was hard to keep our eyes open. So the beach portion needed to be rescheduled but I still couldn't leave the beach without taking some pictures of the beautiful colors, waves, and water.

This is Tom and Heather. I had so much fun with them during their session!


Anonymous said...

Amy, that photo at the top of this post is unbelievable!! You are just so talented, lady! :)

I can't wait to see the rest of our photos!!

-Alex :)

Lisa said...

The beach photos are so pretty!! I like the engagement shoot on the steps, very cool!

Maggie said...

The first photo gave me the chills!

JulieAnn & Shad said...

I love that first picture :)

The engagement pics are cool too!

Christina said...

Those are just stunning. I'm still learning. Is that a wide-angle lens you're using?

Amy Carroll said...

Christina - Yes, that is a wide-angle lens used for that first shot. I have a Tamron 12-24mm that I use for wide-angle pictures.