Thursday, August 30, 2007

8.30.07 : : The Butterfly Tree

I have always had a love of butterflies. As a child I caught them, learned what species were around my house, raised them as caterpillars...basically lived and breathed these winged creatures. This summer I had a renewed interest in them, even raising a few again from caterpillars, as documented a few months ago.

This, however, was unlike anything I ever experienced before. As my mom and I were taking a walk (with our cameras. of course) we came upon a butterfly on a flower (a Red-Spotted Purple butterfly, to be exact). It happened to land on the very flower that has been making me sneeze like crazy all week. As I started snapping pictures, another came along and sat right down beside him. Can you see both?

He flew away but out of the corner of my eye I saw another fluttering about and landed on a nearby tree. We remembered it was called a Morning Cloak and it was kind enough to sit still while we snapped a few pictures.

While we were carefully composing our shot, a monarch landed above him.

And then a Comma butterfly (which I have actually not seen in person before).

And finally an Admiral butterfly. 4 butterflies. On the same tree! It was like a miracle. Like God, knowing my love of butterflies, placed them all there, just for us to enjoy. And enjoy we did! We sat there a long while taking pictures, completely amazed at what we were seeing.

Upon returning up to my parents house, a Painted Lady butterfly landed on a nearby plant and sat ever so patiently while we captured its unusual markings.
I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them! It was truly a moving experience and one my mom and I are not likely to forget anytime soon.


Amanda said...

LOVE the first one!

Lisa said...

I like the blue sky in the background. The last is my favorite!!