Friday, August 24, 2007

8.24.07 : : A Wedding, a Stream, and a Ferris Wheel

Congratulations to Pete and Linda who were married today!

When I first met with Linda and Pete to discuss their wedding day, they originally wanted to go to the park to take pictures and then to the ceremony. Well, Mother Nature had a different plan (again) and we decided to wait until after the ceremony to go to the park. Linda told me that she actually had hoped it would start raining again because she thought it would be neat to do some pictures of them in their wedding attire getting rained on (LOVE her!). A chance for fun and unique pictures. Those who follow my blog know this is the stuff I love!

Well, it didn't start raining but there was a stream. And with my propensity for wanting brides to jump in the water with their wedding dresses on, Linda and Pete were totally game for this idea. So here they are, sitting in the water with their wedding clothes on. And for those that are totally appalled by this idea...the dress did get wet but is not ruined.

On the way home, my fabulous assistant Angie thought it might be neat to go to the Hudsonville Fair to do some time exposures. More fun pictures! I'm always gameand here are a few results.


Angie said...

Simply fabulous! Love it, love it!! A wedding, a stream and a Ferris Wheel ... that about says it all!

Lisa J said...

Very cool, sounds like a fun night right up you alley!!

JulieAnn & Shad said...

I love the ferris wheel pictures :) - they're so fun!
The wedding ones are beautiful too :)